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Contributing to Living Futures in Aotearoa, the Land of the Long White Cloud.


Tanglewood’s view to the Northwest

Tanglewood, a single-family dwelling, linked a metaphor of nature to the International Living Future Institute’s mission to lead the transformation toward a civilization that is socially just, culturally rich, and ecologically restorative. Tanglewood endeavours to be a certified Petals Living-Building in 2020.


Like the Paua, Tanglewood built a natural outer shell to provide shelter over an array of colours and textures that sustain healthy lives. Just one of many stories for each ILFI principle… plus one.


Ecologically Restorative

As Tanglewood faces due North, the 27 pv panels maximise solar capture. 9 panels articulate for seasonal changes and hang from the deck balustrade. 17 panels provide an attractive outlook from the upstairs office/guest room.  Ample energy generation provides not only household energy and EV charging, but also contributes to the national grid to help regenerate energy consumed in the creation of the building.  When asked how long the breakeven is for their investment in solar power, the owners reply, "Our solar system cost less than the driveway and neither are intended to earn income”.


Socially Just

To restore the land closer to original plants and to engage the return of birds and bees, the clearing, design and planting are achieved in collaboration with Te Whangai, a charitable Trust. Their mission: We aim to create a sustainable ecological, social and educational enterprise that supports, trains and advocates for people who find it challenging to enter the labour market.

Left: 2017 event poster to thank the team


Culturally Rich

“Restoring indigenous energies was important to us,” say the Bretts. The neighbourhood is very colonial in behaviour and mindset… they wanted to acknowledge those who originally cared for the land. They built on old relationships and fostered new ones as they investigated the land deemed by Council to be “of cultural significance.”

Shadow Projects


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JUST Organisations


JUST is a voluntary disclosure tool for companies who aim to make social justice a priority.
Each company reports on a variety of employee and organisation based indicators to provide corporate transparency.