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Silos to Systems Integrative Design Process

Living Future Aotearoa NZ is delighted to present this practical seminar on Integrative Design - with creative trouble makers Bill Reed, Ben Haggard, Caroline Robinson of Cabal and Jerome Partington.

More details and registration here.

This seminar is for; Project teams, Clients, Developers, Iwi, Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, QS, Contractors, Local and Central Government project leads and Community Organisations. We encourage you to bring your whole project team to turbo charge your process and outcomes.

Integrative Design Process (IDP) allows us to deliver projects by working with the whole, rather than the separate elements. IDP facilitates the engagement of our full collective intelligence and the potential of place - so we can create optimial project outcomes that offer longterm social, human, infrastructure, economic and ecological value. 

This practical and interactive seminar includes:

  • Connecting to the place and culture

  • Regenerative Development - the context

  • The 'Why' of Integrative Design

  • What is IDP and the benefits?

  • Working with Potential not Problems

  • Case Studies

  • Re-imagining the Design Process to integrate nature

  • Working purposefully and the task cycle