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CIBSE Auckland | IoT – The Neurology of Building Operations


Are you up to speed with the Internet of Things? IoT is changing how users and operators expect to interact with buildings and spaces at an exponential rate, open communications and standard protocols are creating new opportunities to add value to building assets.

This event is your ticket to harnessing the Internet of Things for better building operation. It will help you navigate the magnitude of available data to maximise a building's potential and deliver a balance between occupant comfort and operational efficiency. Going beyond the building, this seminar will share examples of how IoT is delivering smart precincts, smart transport integration, human centric design and more. Find out what the future holds for the building services industry.

As you would expect from an organisation that represents the very best building services professionals in over 100 countries, CIBSE has pulled together a first-class team of presenters to help you to navigate the issues around assessment and integration.

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