A nutrition label for building products. Declare is a transparency platform and product database changing the materials marketplace for manufacturers, designers, and developers.

Why declare?

Consumers value transparency. Declare provides this, so you know which materials contain chemicals from the Red List - the worst in class ingredients in the building industry that:

  • pollute the environment

  • bio-accumulate up the food chain until they reach toxic concentrations

  • harm construction and factory workers


What is declared?

  • Where the product comes from.

  • What it is made of.

  • Where it goes at the end of its life.


Who is it for?

  • MANUFACTURERS looking for a competitive edge and a point of entry into world leading regenerative projects; be the first choice for world leading regenerative projects.

  • DESIGNERS wanting to stay up to date on the latest supply chain platform and avoid using Red List toxic chemicals.

  • CONTRACTORS and SUBCONTRACTORS who want to use materials that are better for their health.

  • CONSUMERS wanting to use healthy building materials in their own DIY projects.


What already has a Declare Label?


The Declare Label

Declare label deconstructed.png

Declare Your Product